Precision Machining and Manufacturing

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Walton County
Business, Industry & Technology

Program Overview

Becoming a precision machinist is a great fit for people who enjoy technology but also like to create and build things with their hands.
It’s a position where you can feel a real sense of accomplishment and often see a project through from prototype to the finished product.
Ƶ Technical College has great instructors and a modern well-equipped high-tech work space.

Nearly all of the technology classes in this program are lab based, where the students work in our modern high-tech workspace. Classes go on regular field trips to industry and visit state of the art manufacturing or research and development machine shops. Local and internationally paid apprenticeship and internship opportunities are available.

Specific Facility, Tools Or Educational Tools Available

The campus has a manual machining lab and a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) lab. Both labs are equipped with modern high-tech equipment and are bright and spacious workspaces. The CNC lab has a large computer area where CNC and Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAD/CAM) programming is taught. We teach the world’s leading CAD/CAM software.

Featured Courses

AMCA 2110- CNC Fundamentals MCHT 1011- Introduction to Machine Tool MCHT 1219- Lathe operations II

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Fully In Person
male student working w/ precise machine

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Edward Kiszka

Program Chair


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